New server

After a while of using statnet I decided to switch my VPS provider. The main reason behind this was the low bandwidth statnet offered: 150GB monthly. I often had to shutdown some of my projects in order to stay within the limit, which was obviously an inconvenience. The new provider I chose is intovps. It may not exactly be what I was wishing for (unmetered), but still 150GB to 0.5TB is a huge improvement. After doing some math I realized I could spend all the month uploading/downloading at 200kB/s. Should be enough 😛

One thing I was worried about though was performance. Seeing as I was being handed three times the bandwidth of my old provider for the same price I felt obligated to check where the catch is. And I did find one:

I can’t say this is bad, but it is worse than my earlier server, which cut off at around 150. Another thing I noticed were the hard limits on CPU. I was not allowed to consume more than 50% at any time. It’s still sufficient for my needs; but I was wondering at what cost this would come.

So the first test I ran was a siege on the main page. ( siege -b -c 50)

Okay, but I already made some improvements earlier, so that the page was only read from the cache. But hey, at least I see that nginx, which I installed for the first time, was able to run at 250 transactions/sec.

The next test I ran was a siege on wordpress; its results were terrible: around 1.5 trans/sec.  After making some performance improvements it cut off pretty well though:

The next test will only be my subjective feeling on how fast my little Nasza-klasa fetcher will be. Though currently the database is still uploading; so this will have to wait (ULing ~2GB of data at 32kB/s, *sigh*).

Since the server switching already brought quite a few changes (lighttpd -> nginx), which went suprisingly smooth after I had figured out how to set up PHP properly (converting rewrites was as simple as deleting the quotes, duh) – I was also considering migrating MySQL->PostgreSQL, though this is obviously going to be a much harder task. First of all, I’ll have to figure out if WordPress even supports it; and even if it does – I suppose its long outdated and not maintained, as most non-mysql projects are. Oh well, Im getting ahead of myself.

Anyways, I’m considering the switch because MySQL has gotten much slower after the tables exceeded 1 million rows, hell, even dropping the database took 17 seconds while I was moving. And as far as I’ve been told PostgreSQL cuts off better performance-wise. It would also be a relief to finally work on a real relational database, since the data inconsistency has been growing ever since I split the users table. I’ll prolly write another post on this as soon as I get some benchmarks.

While porting some of my projects to the new directory layout, I noticed something strange. Some time ago I was complaining about how vnc4server kept asking for root’s settings. Suprisingly, this time vnc4server used www-data’s settings – as it always should have! The only difference between my old server I can name is the newer debian version (4.0 -> 5.0). I’m absolutely clueless on how this could have affected it, but I’m happy things finally work the way they should have all along.

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