Seeing as my django-skillz could be improved, and as I have nothing better to do, I decided to try my luck with browser games. The result? SeaConflict

Writing a game was, after all, not as easy as I had expected. And Django hasn’t been particularly helpful here either, as I had numerous problems with it. What annoyed me most was django doesn’t support dynamic forms, or at least not the way I wish it did. As far as I can tell you can indeed create forms based on models, but as with almost everything in Django, it was very poorly documented. The visible_field and hidden_field methods have also caused me a headache. Alas, it first it worked, then it didn’t, then it worked again, then it didn’t again. Luckily, Django dynamic form, after some changes, finally worked.

Other problems I’ve encountered are, but not limited to:

  • Having to hack something whenever I want to pass an argument to a form
  • Querysets not being shared amongst one “page impression”. Had to implement singleton to avoid hitting the database several times.

I still enjoy writing stuff in Django, especially as I can easily “steal stuff”. Though, these things could really be improved.

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